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The retail model has evolved dramatically over the past century. Digital advancements have led to shopping behaviors that will ultimately drive the future of commerce.

There has been more dialog about the rise of the cleverly coined “sadvertising.” But to be most effective at cutting through the clutter, one needs to be relevant, timely, and actionable.

Most companies carry out SWOT analyses very poorly, and they get them wrong, no, very wrong. Let me share with you why so many companies mess up their SWOT analyses, and, more importantly, how to get them right.

The financial climate may be tough now, but in times like these we need to remember to not only outperform the competition, but to also outbehave them.

The Pandora vs. Spotify question can be applied to many other scenarios. It boils down to this: Does your customer want YOU to make the recommendations or do THEY want to pick out exactly what THEY want?

The food pantry opened my eyes to if you really want to understand your customer walk a mile in their shoes. In fact walk several. A great lesson for business and personal life.

The traditional healthcare delivery model in the U.S. has been that you become sick, you see a doctor, you are evaluated, and you receive therapy. However, trends have forced changes along the so-called “continuum of care.”

Your favorite childhood fairy tales, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, and Cinderella all demonstrate lessons about what it means to be a successful Entrepreneur.

With the buzz around social media, it’s easy to lose sight of seemingly old-fashioned marketing tactics. However, those tried and true practices can still provide unique benefit. Here's 4 reasons why.

Investment Research

Financial Services

For all the glamour of investment management, private equity and the high flying hedge funds of Wall Street, the one thing that doesn’t tend to get a lot of discussion is the actual investment research process.

With all the advice available online and offline to write robust business plans, entrepreneurs keep making the same mistakes when writing business plans. Here are the five biggest mistakes found

Trading equity options has taken the market by storm over the last 10 years. What used to be the province of institutions and finance professionals has now become entirely mainstream.

In today’s economic environment, failure to perform a competitive analysis prior to entering a new market could mean the death for your manufacturing business. Here's 5 questions to always ask.

We all know who Walt Disney is. He's magical, wonderful, and inspirational; However, here is a business story that you most likely didn't know about him.

Amazon recently announced that they are slashing the price of the Fire phone to 99 cents with a two-year contract. In essence, they won’t make money on the initial sell of the phone … but they’ll make up for it in volume. ...

Healthkit and Google Fit are a good sign for the industry in general. That said, I don’t think that we’ll start to see them make much of an impact for a few years. Here are the four reasons why.

There are definitely some common threads in successful startups in all sectors that you can use to increase your chances of striking it rich. Three imperative lessons explained from the best.

Your great-grandfather only knew local businesses. The woman down the street sold him pastries, the neighbor cut his hair, and the doctor showed up at his doorstep. Why and how has this changed?

Launching a technology product is hard, particularly for business people that have no experience with software development. The most popular questions tech startups have is addressed here.

You’ve finalized your product and your website is now up and running. Congrats! What's next? Sell. Establish. Become a Fan. Listen.

You have started to build out the business plan and you’ve arrived at the puzzling maze called the financial model. How will you project how fast your startup is going to grow, when your concept is brand new?

While the adoption is highest in the developed markets such as Europe and the United States, the market growth will come from the developing world, which is reflected in sales figures in mobile devices.

Economic utility is a basic way to explain the tradeoffs between supply and demand as influenced by influenceable personal preferences and actual net prices, so how important can economic utility be?

The growth of the Internet and technology has dramatically changed society and the way people conduct business. However, it also opened up a new platform for criminal activity...cybercrime....

We continue to have some major issues that surface regularly in the media with respect to the US, Europe and Japan – more specifically this article examines the high levels of government debt.

What does it take to make an effective investor presentation? Is it always simple? Who is (are) the investor(s)? Is finding an investor always going to be successful? All your questions will be answered.

A bit of background, what isn’t being said, the alternative, and lessons to be learned when it comes to the traditional coffee-roasting technology, “torrefaction”, which dry roasts bio-mass to produce bio-coal.

Lessons learned from Deloitte: “Securing Tax Benefits in IT Initiatives” - obvious business plan tax issues, potential issues, and conclusions

There is nothing more exciting than seeing the enormous number of creative, entrepreneurial efforts represented by the projects submitted to Hourly Nerd for some ‘nerd’ input.

Yachting - Prison or Freedom?

Entertainment & Leisure

Yachting can teach us many things about management and running a healthy office culture. Looking back over my last ten years spent roaming the seven seas; I often begged the question; was I a prisoner or was I free?

Chaos of the Titans


This article is about the recent comments coming from one of the titans of the venture capital community in Silicon Valley.

Everybody has competition. For the purposes of this post, I will focus mostly on category 2, because that’s where most products and services fall: 1) Totally new and innovative 2) A better mousetrap

I started eating in the vegetarian dining hall soon afterwards a eye opening college lecture, and have been experimenting with vegetarian recipes ever since. Here is the economics around veggies and meat.

Stop wasting time on things that don’t directly contribute to SALES. If it doesn’t help you learn about your customer’s needs, and it doesn’t help you sell, then it doesn’t matter. As an entrepreneur, there are just 5 things ...

It is ever more important for managers to learn how to move toward achieving group goals, especially when having little to no control over the direct contributors themselves. Cross-functional teams are here to stay.

First impressions count. When potential customers surf to your website, they will judge your trustworthiness and competence within a few seconds. Make sure they stay and enjoy their experience

Having control over our personal interests would be powerful on many levels. First, it would let marketers know exactly what we are looking for. Second, it would allow us to feel in control. Do you agree?

You have an objective, you have a timeframe, you have a sponsor, and you have resources…. Now it’s all on you determine how you build a high performance team. What's your first move?

Borrower Double Check

Financial Services

Markets do change and the investment climate does change. Everyone right now is waiting for a stock market correction. This article highlights all the major areas of corporate funding.

The following is an example of a model for people wishing to grow biomass into bio-coal. The information included here to illustrates how a strong, deferred cash flow model might work.

Here is a overview of what your company should stay true to over time and what you should look to evolve as the marketplace grows and shifts.

This article explains the importance of knowing your audience – you have to pay attention to the situation you are walking into and prepare for it. Failing to do so can result is missed opportunities.

The infrastructure to carry out business activities is very important. Most of the world has enormous catching up to do. This article explores the nuances of receivables in China and Europe.

This is an examination of a multi-faceted problem including unemployment, antiquated government policies, an educational system with many parts failing, and a world full of undesired outcomes from well-intended policies.

“Elasticity of demand” refers to how much demand for a good or service will change based on changes to supply and price. How can this help you?

HourlyNerd CMO, Dan Slagen, recently wrote and article for VentureBeat.com highlighting some of the most successful marketplaces in the Sharing Economy.

With the growing numbers of online marketplaces such as HourlyNerd, Elance-oDesk, TaskRabbit, and Uber there is a growing trend in the number of freelance workers in America. Learn how to manage it.

Consultants are typically held in high regard. Now, while this occurrence is often met with doubt, there are a few core opportunities to introduce consulting to your businesses.

Small business owners, and even executives of enterprises are often uncertain about hiring external help because they are unsure about the outcome of hiring a consultant. Here's 5 reasons why.

Our customers come from all over the world and range from SMB to Fortune 10 clients. Regardless of industry, job function or specific project need all of our customers have one thing in common; they all want to grow.

Consultants have always believed in finding the most efficient way to do something. We go deep into detail about where consulting has come, and where it is going.

How much are you micromanaging? As an entrepreneur, your time is valuable. And as much as you may want to do everything yourself, it may not be the most efficient strategy.

With the rise of massively successful sharing companies such as Uber and Airbnb we have been ushered into a new age—the Age of the Sharing Company.

Success comes in many forms, andRBD hearing directly from real entrepreneurs illustrates exactly that.

On the brink of a fundamental shift, to stay competitive, you must learn how to use these customer- and tech-driven megatrends to your advantage.

Interested in what Co-Founder Peter Maglathlin looks for when interviewing candidates? Click on the below link to find out!

In the article below, we’ll discuss the qualities you should seek in building a team of all-star employees, as well as the benefits you'll reap in scouting for and investing in jacks of all trades.

In a world increasingly concerned with social responsibility, we hear concepts such as ‘conscious consumerism.' This dialogue hints at a slow movement in the background.

Are the changes in the Dow Jones Industrial Average a fair representation of what is going on the broader US stock market? I reflect on the investment landscape in ways you may not be familiar with.

The assessment of an investment is a tricky thing. This focus will be on the criteria of investing in terms of drawing up a pitch deck for equity investors, with general comments related to any business plan.

This article addresses the issues that commonly occur in the development and completion of business plans. Three current references for the ideas are presented.

For every viral success, there are hundreds of failures. But these failures don’t necessarily come from bad ideas, or even bad product designs. Instead, many of them come from a poor go-to-market strategy.

Fragmentation in advertising is good for small businesses as it gives such businesses an opportunity to compete effectively. YouTube has created opportunity.

In the age of hacking growth discussions, a grander question of cloning success is topical. Is it possible to replicate somebody else’s business success? Find out here.

Several of the most commonly discussed, “mainstream” economic indicators aren’t as valuable as you think. The type of analysis you find on TV/internet may not be all that valuable. Here's why.

Companies release new products all the time. However, what constitutes a successful launch? Is it a formula? Or dumb luck? Learn why.

Small businesses find it difficult to match the offerings of big corporations, and are unable to offer similar brand value to employees. If you are a small business, these tips may help you attract top talent.

Defining a customer target does not have to be a complicated nor expensive. Leverage what you know about your current customers, and past marketing successes and failures to define your target market.

All marketers learn very early on that brand consistency matters – a lot. The rationale behind this is very simple. The only problem with this is…brand consistency doesn’t always matter.

Global regulators have taken a significant step to tame risk in the shadow banking system, a network of non-bank financial institutions such as hedge funds, private equity groups and money market funds.

"Social activation” is building a “constituency of influencers” to support the marketing, business development and product sales strategies of the business. Learn how it applies to you.

A Word on Due Diligence

Financial Services

In the excitement of Wall Street, the one thing that often tends to get lost is "due diligence" in research. Here's how the power of "due diligence" can affect you.

You are a small business owner, but you have no idea how you stack up against your competition or whether you have the correct business strategy? Benchmarking can help you figure it out. Here's how.

Medicare recently announced that it would be cutting its reimbursement rates as much as 3% for 2,610 hospitals because those hospitals did not meet expectations for patient readmissions within 30 days. Why care?

If you want your marketing efforts to resonate with your intended target then consider these examples that showcase the benefits of exercising consumer empathy and using insights wisely.

Most tech ideas quickly die because people believe they need a developer from the beginning. Just because your idea lives on the internet does not mean it requires deep technology from the outset. Here's why.

It’s no secret that one of the keys to success is to be able to handle no; to be persistent; to “get to yes”. However, “No” can build, guide, and even save your business.

Wisconsin has been home to many well-known companies such Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and Miller brewing. As such, it is actually a good barometer for the state of manufacturing in the U.S. and the progress of the healing ...

You spend time and money buying ads, writing blog posts, tweeting, and then when you get a new visitor... they leave. One way to keep visitors on your page and convert them into a leads is building better landing pages.

In the last two decades China, India, South America and many other developing countries have become prominent players in the world economy, largely because of outsourcing-be it for products or services. Outsourcing is no ...

Marketing, for early stage companies, tends to falls on the back burner and when the time comes to actually doing it, it is often done with haste. This strategy is comprised of four useful parts.

Companies often times fail overseas because they take strategies and customs that worked domestically and apply them globally, most often in a world that beats to a different drum. Here's the Alibaba story.

Coming up with a website name can be a rabbit hole. If you’re stuck in the creative process or want some help before you get started, here are six tips from my experience obtaining dozens of domain names over the last five ...

Some very popular employers are known for their extremely secretive environments therefore preventing you from expanding your knowledge beyond your division or line of work. This is a deep dive into culture.

Breed Reply is offering funding and support for early stage startups, is a leading consulting, systems integration and digital services company with a solid tech expertise. The application procedures are discussed.

Review a brief funding overview, based in part on 20 years of experience from an investment adviser and registered representative of California, during the 1980s and 90s.

The rate at which customers leave you-- a.k.a. churn-- is a seductive metric. Some demand to know it and others worship it. With all this love for Churn, few people actually understand it.

Winning in sales - and in life - can feel daunting. In fact, it can lead to the infamous outcome of "giving up." Here's lessons from the MASTER seller himself, for how to not let this happen.

Here's a take on the worlds "alternative investment" organizations out there. More specifically, Lending Club. If you've yet to hear about this, everything you'll need to know is here.

A nonprofit governance is vastly different from for-profit. The information that follows is what I would have wanted to know to get the most out of my service from the start.

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